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Welcome to Starhawks Youth Hockey and remember that your role as a hockey parent is the most important in developing a great hockey player.  The Parent's Code of Conduct is important and found below.  



USA Hockey recently created a comprehensive handbook for hockey parents that covers everything from skill development to safety to nutrition and beyond. It's filled with actionable insights and information that can help you and your child enjoy a great youth hockey experience. Check out the digital version.  CLICK HERE



USA Hockey has produced the following webpages for more information (please click on the red bold titles):





Another angle on being a parent can be take from an excerpt from the ending chapter of 7 Pre-Game Habits of Pro Hockey Players:

I would like to end the book with an excerpt from Mark Messier’s retirement speech that you can read and reread whenever you find yourself stressed out or overwhelmed during the season.

“And I would just like to end by saying, a quote that I took from Mike Richter in an article that he had done lately.  If I can just quickly read it to you, if I can see it.  (he has been crying for almost the entire length of his 15 minute speech.)  He said, 

“In sports, in its best light is about challenging yourself and improving you as a person.  It’s not about looking for a medal at the end of an event.  It’s about the journey in which your physical and mental well-being improves through physical activity.” 

And unfortunately in pro sports we sometimes get derailed into the ultimate goal of winning a Stanley Cup, but I wanted to read that because for all of us who have children that are in minor hockey, it’s not about becoming a professional athlete, it’s about the journey and the people you meet along the way.  And the life lessons that you get from playing an incredible game.  Thank you.”