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Thanks for your interest in being a coach or understanding the selection of our coaches.  We'll start by saying that our coaching selection process starts with the proper evaluation and placement of our players.  As our stated goal is to place the players at a level that best develops their skating and hockey skills, our preliminary rosters also have preliminary coaches based on coaching applications submitted by past and new coaches.  The coaching applications are submitted before the preliminary rosters are submitted to the Board for a vote and preliminary coaches are assigned to the teams.  


These guidelines help our Hockey Director and Coaching Coordinators select coaches to be submitted to the Board for a vote with the preliminary rosters.
  • Form of Submission:
    • All coaches interested in assuming the position of Head or Assistant Coach should fill out the following forms for the applicable season:
      • On-line Coaching Application Form;
      • USA Hockey Registration Number;
      • CORI Form;
      • Coaching Conduct Form;
  • Coaching Selection Committee:
    • The Coaching Selection Committee shall consist of the Hockey Director, Coaching Coordinators and President.  This committee shall meet to review the forms and information submitted by the coaching candidates and select coaches for the preliminary rosters.  The preliminary rosters and coaches shall be presented to the Starhawks Board of Directors at their June/July meeting for approval.
  • Preliminary Roster:
    • Coaches assigned to the preliminary rosters may not be on the Final rosters.  Fall Conditioning is the last stage of the player evaluation and placement process and several players will move.  If a coach's player moves, he or she will typically move with the player.  Remember that it is about the kids and the players are placed with their best development opportunity in mind.
  • Coaching Positions
    • Every team will be assigned one (1) Head Coach.  The Head Coach will then assign an Asst. Head Coach and two Asst. Coaches for the team.  Although we try to accommodate all coaching applications, many years we are unable to satisfy every application because each team can only have one Head Coach.  Many factors are used for this selection, including coaching experience, hockey experience, administrative abilities (communication, etc.), reputation, time to volunteer, and focus on player development.  A major factor is the ability to relate to children and make them happy to be going to the rink.   Some coaches are better-suited to coach Mites and others may be great at coaching Bantams.

Coaching Selection Process Schedule:

This is a general timeline of the process:
  • All Starhawks members are emailed to fill-out the on-line coaching application in April/May/June for the following season.
  • Coaches’ applications are collected and reviewed by the Hockey Director and Coaching Coordinators prior to the Board meeting in June/July.
  • At the Board Meeting in June/July, the Hockey Director makes its coaching recommendations for the upcoming season.  The Board votes to approve, or disapprove the list of recommended coaches.
  • All Head Coaches are notified by email or telephone and the Preliminary Rosters are posted on the website.
  • All Head Coaches prepare for the Fall Conditioning skating events and inform their parents of the Fall Conditioning schedule & process.
  • After the final placement of the players are completed during the Fall Conditioning skating events, the Final Rosters will reflect the final coaching selections.  As mentioned earlier, our goal is to have the players placed at the best level for their development and therefore some coaching assignments may change.  
This webpage outlines our guidelines to help coaches and parents to understand the Starhawks coaches' selection process.